Competition rules

Phase 1: Placing

The individual placing will be calculated according to the points of each competitors catches – fish points, weight points and bonus points. The team placing will be calculated by summing up the points scored by competitors of same team. In case of a tie, the competitor or team with largest number of legal catches will be the winner. In case of a further tie, the competitor or team with the highest weighing catch (one biggest fish) will be the winner. Complaints have to submitted in writing to head judge, not later than half an hour after the publication of the results. The filing of a complaint must be accompanied by a deposit of 50 €. If the complaint is rejected, the deposit of 50 € will be returned immediately.

Phase 2: Competition fish and points

The competition board can make changes on the points given for fish regarding species, points and minimum size. Possible changes have to be announced in the info meeting held prior to the competition. The organizer for the competition is responsible that the fish are taken care of and eaten or donated for a good cause.

Points for the fish:
Species Pts. 1 fish Min. size

Bream 0 / 35cm
Pike 0 / 42cm
Ide 0 / 30cm

Eel 600 / 40cm
Ruf 600 / 22cm
Baltic herring 600 / 20cm
Rudd 600 / 22cm
Roatch (Roach family) 600 / 22cm
Burbot 600 / 30cm
Pikepearch 600 / 37cm
Garpike (belone belone) 600 / 42cm

Cod 1000 / 30cm
Flatfish (flounder) 1000 / 25cm
Turbot 1000 / 30cm
Perch 1000 / 22cm

Whitefish 2500 / 30cm
Garfish 2500 / 42cm
Salmon Trout 2500 / 30cm
Salmon 2500 / 60cm

In addition to the points given to species of the fish additional points are given according to the weight of the fish. One point is given for every starting 1 gram. The maximum amount on points for weight is 2000 (2kg). In addition to the species and weight points bonus points are given on the basis of the amount of different species caught.

The amount of species Points
2 different species 500 bonus points
3 different species 1500 bonus points
4 different species 3000 bonus points
5 different species 4500 bonus points
6 different species 6000 bonus points

Limitations pieces/species:

Perch 10 pieces

Bream 10 pieces

Ide 10 pieces

Roach 10 pieces

White Fish 10 pieces

Pike 5 pieces

Any other fish 5 pieces



Phase 3: Percent Punctuation (P.P.%)

The total punctuation of each athlete on each day will be a percentage taking as reference the punctuation of the competitor with the highest score in that day of the competition. The athlete who obtains the best punctuation will be credited with the 100% and the points of the rest of the competitors will be calculated as a pro rata percentage of that punctuation. The percent values will be rounded up to the third decimal.

Formula for calculation of the individual points:

Punctuation of each athlete           x100
Punctuation of the first classified of the day