Preparations starts

There is always lots of work behind the scenes, before the competition can begin. This blog is merely to honor that work… and also entertain you readers while waiting August.

Biggest credit belong to Joni Onnela, who first introduced the idea of organizing the competition in Finland this year. He is keen spear fisher himself, great sportsman and great guy in every thinkable way. He’s in charge of most practical details; lodging, choosing fishing areas, boat rental, getting sponsors etc. He also knows all the people needed to get things done.

Big hand to Timo Suokas, who also plays big role in our small organization team. He has been helping choosing competition area and taking care of permission paper work. Pekka Mäkiniemi from BGD-82 helped us to select competition areas and big thanks to him.

My name is Antti Jormanainen and I’m in charge of PR. I try to make our sites serve competitors and media best possible way. If you notice something we’ve missed, please give us feedback! I try to update this blog whenever something essential happens.

Big credit belongs also to Niko Honkonen, who gave his technical skills to our proposal. He, for example, introduced us the possibility to draw areas in our own Google maps and he linked up-to-date weather maps to our sites for better user experience.

Team Kampela gave us permission to use their material in our website. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Special thanks to Tapio Salakari! Thanks also to Finnish Diver’s Association for financial and organizational support.

And last but not least: Big hand for Lakeuden Sukeltajat (Seinäjoki) for paying these websites, boat rental etc. etc. And also Delfiinit ry, Vaasa, Bothnia Gulf Divers -82, Vaasa and Suupohjan Sukeltajat, Kurikka for co-operation.